Peer over the edge!
Embrace the moment and commit.
InterDeFi is a defi ecosystem built with a multi-chain & cross-chain approach right from the start. InterDeFi started with PolyDEX on Polygon in May 2021 and then CeloDEX on Celo in November. We are offering a suite of defi products, from AMM DEX, Aggregator, Farms, Launchpad to Vaults and NFT marketplace. We aim to be the link across blockchains and platforms as this space moves forward multichain verse.
Inspired by Krypto’s mission to build the future of the Internet - Web3, InterDeFi is thrilled to announce our plan to join the Cronos and ecosystem with KryptoDEX.
KryptoDEX is powered by InterDeFi with many winning components: a DEX with a very attractive trading fee, a launchpad with great IDO track record, a NFT marketplace, unique 3-type referral system and more.
Just like, we are building day in day out to give users control over their assets, identity and data.

Key Features

  • KryptoDEX AMM + Aggregator: Lowest slippage, best possible rate for traders and maximized trading fees earning for liquidity providers.
  • KryptoLAUNCH: Decentralized multi-chain fundraising platform.
  • KryptoVAULT: Automatic high compounding interest rates on users liquidity.
  • KryptoSTORE: Will Allow users to sell, buy NFTs on the fly.
  • KryptoFARM: Efficient way to earn for all liquidity providers by staking their LP
  • KryptoREF: The most advanced 3 type Referral system in DeFi
  • KryptoFAUCET: Effortlessly helps newcomers to make their first TXN on the Cronos Network
  • KryptoBRIDGE: InterDeFi